Bulk Upload and Configure multiple xAPI Content


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If there are many xAPI Content to upload to WordPress, we can easily bulk upload/import and configure them. Here are the steps: 




1. Upload all the content zip files to your server via FTP or cPanel to: /wp-content/uploads/grassblade/import/ folder. You might need to create import folder if it doesn't exists. 


2. Go to: WP ADMIN > xAPI Content > Bulk Import 

3. You will see all the zip packages in the import folder. 

4. Select the zip packages you want to import. 

5. Configure all the settings you want on all contents. 

6. Click on "Process" 

7. Separate xAPI Content pages will be created for each zip file, and configurations will be copied as you have selected. 

8. If you want to further change the settings on each xAPI Content. You can use this feature:   Bulk Settings - Download/Modify settings of multiple xAPI Content via CSV  



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