Bulk Settings - Download/Modify settings of multiple xAPI Content via CSV


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If you have a lot of xAPI Content the Bulk Settings feature will help you: 

  • Verify settings on all xAPI Content
  • Easily modify settings of multiple xAPI Content  
  • Download and keep a backup of existing settings
  • Bulk Configuring all the xAPI Content are uploaded using the Bulk Import/Upload feature


To use the feature go to: 

WP ADMIN > xAPI Content > Bulk Settings



1. Downloading the settings of all xAPI Content

  • Go to: WP ADMIN > xAPI Content > Bulk Settings
  • Click on: Download

You will get a CSV file with all the settings. The file can be open using Excel, Numbers or any software that supports CSV file.  


2. Upload xAPI Content settings: 

  • Download the settings file as mentioned in step 1 above. 
  • Make changes to the file as required. You can remove the rows in which you have not made changes. 
  • Click on: "Choose file" and select the updated CSV file. 
  • Click "Upload" and the changes will be done, you will also see a table showing a summary of changes. 




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