Using CDN for the content

We do not have a direct integration with CDN. However, if you want to offload the load of the content (Articulate/Captivate/iSpring, etc) from your server to a CDN, or to another server. You can achieve it with a bit of manual work. Here are the steps: 


1. Upload/configure/test the xAPI Content to your WordPress using GrassBlade xAPI Companion like you do now.  

2. Copy the content from wp-content/uploads/grassblade/ folder to your CDN. If your CDN is using your same server to host the content, and using CDN is only to cache the content on customer endpoints, you do not need to do this step. However, you will need to make sure Content Security is disabled.   

3. Update the Content URL field in xAPI Content page to allow the content to load from CDN. If you have a lot of content, you can use Bulk Settings feature to upload all Content URL in one go. 

You are done. 



You might be wondering if there are any disadvantages to using a CDN or different server to host the content. 

Yes, there is one disadvantage. The "Content Security" feature currently doesn't work when the content is not on your WordPress. 


Please contact us if you want to sponsor the development of a feature to secure content hosted via a 3rd Party CDN like Amazon S3/CloudFront





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