Moving GrassBlade LRS to another server or domain

If you are moving your GrassBlade LRS to another server these steps should help you:

1. Copy the database to the new server. 

2. Copy the files from /grassblade-lrs/ folder to the new server. It will be best to keep same folder structure. 

3. On the new server, make sure that the following folders are there in /grassblade-lrs/ folder:

  • app/tmp
  • app/tmp/logs
  • app/tmp/cache
  • app/tmp/cache/persistant
  • app/tmp/cache/models

All these folders MUST have 777 file permissions.  

4.  Delete all the files inside these folders, but do not delete the folder itself: 

  • app/tmp/cache/persistant
  • app/tmp/cache/models

5. Change the database configuration as per new server in the file at: /grassblade-lrs/app/Config/database.php 

6. If you are not changing the domain and url of the LRS, the license and LRS will work as it is, you need to change the DNS configuration to point to new server.
(Note: During the DNS propagation stage, some requests may land on the old server, so if you want you can configure the database configuration on old server to point to new server so that those requests also save data to new server.

7. If you are changing the domain or subdomain or url of the LRS. You will need to send us a request to move the license to new url, or purchase a new license. 

8. If you see any errors or blank screen, this article should help:

Error during installation, blank screen. 








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