Getting Started

Step 1

Go to your LRS, you will reach the login page. 

Logging in with default admin login.

Please make sure you change the default login details as soon as you login to the LRS for the first time: 

Password: admin



Step 2: Creating a Manager

Change the admin credentials by going to Manager > All Managers and clicking on Edit.

Create a new manager by going to Managers > Add New. Enter the details and select the Role “user”. Click Submit to save.

PS: Please note that "Manager" was earlier named as "User" and hence you might find both words used inter-changeably at some places. 



Step 3: Generating Basic AuthToken

On the Managers Edit page for this new manager. Click on “Add New Basic Auth

Step 4: Auth details for your xAPI Program

Copy the API User, API Password, and Endpoint URL and use it in your xAPI Program, LMS or Content. If you are using GrassBlade xAPI Companion for WordPress, you need to configure it in your GrassBlade Settings page on WordPress.







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