Email Reports (PDF/CSV)

You can setup automated recurring PDF or CSV reports going to specific emails. 

1. Setup a Custom Filtered Report

2. Setup Email Report

a. Click on "Email" icon next to the Saved Filter.



b. Enter the Email IDs (separated with commas) 

c. Enter the no of previous days to report. 

d. Set the Frequency and Time/Date. The text field is very flexible, you can use expressive time/date information details like:

    • 10:00AM
      - 10 AM every day
    • tuesday 2:00PM
      - on Tuesdays at 2PM 
    • third tuesday 2:00PM
      - third tuesday of month/year at 2PM
    • +1days 2:00PM
      - 2nd day of month/year at 2PM
    • july 4, 10:00AM     OR,   jul 4, 10:00AM      OR,    4 jul, 10:00AM
      - on 4th of July at 10AM every year
    • feb 10, saturday, 2:00PM
      - on first saturday after Feb 10th at 2:00PM


e. Select the Report Type, and click on "Add"


3. Configure SMTP details in Configure > Integration > SMTP 

4. Setup a Cron Job for the URL:






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