Integration with LearnDash Groups

1. LearnDash Groups Import: 

- LearnDash Groups are automatically imported to GrassBlade LRS whenever you visit the GrassBlade LRS > Groups page

- Based on your suggestion we might be able to do it more frequently based on Cron Jobs or other events. 


2. Configuration: 

- You need to configure WordPress credentials in GrassBlade LRS > Configure > Integration > WordPress.

This will allow the LRS to pull the group related information. If it doesn't work, you need to make sure XML-RPC module for PHP is installed and enabled in your server.  


2. Filter By Groups: 

- You can filter reports by specific Groups.


3. Group Leader Access:

- You can create an LRS User/Manager, with the role "User", and an email id matching the email id of the Group Leader. 

You should give him permission: View Group Data

Now this User will have access to only data from users of this Group. Test to confirm. 




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    Pankaj Agrawal

    It means you need to create a User/Manager account with same email id as that of Group Leader on WordPress. 

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    Aladdin Ben Khalifa

    Very good  support , just i want to understand more what's meaning matching the two email id , thank you

    Edited by Aladdin Ben Khalifa
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