Human Readable name instead of IDs for Articulate Content

Some authoring tools like Articulate so far don't send important human readable details in the statements like Course Name, Question Text, Answer Text, Slide Name, etc.

This renders the reports on LRS unreadable. 


GrassBlade LRS provides a solution for this issue.

Here is what you need to do:

Step 1: Go to GrassBlade LRS > Configuration  > Translations  

Step 2: Click on the "Load" button to load the tincan.xml file(s) 

  1. Load from tincan.xml URL: If you have uploaded the tincan.xml file and have the url. You can load it directly. 
    To find this URL, if you are using GrassBlade xAPI Companion, you can copy the Content URL from xAPI Content edit page. And replace story.html with tincan.xml in the url. 

  2. Load from GrassBlade: If you have uploaded your content to WordPress using GrassBlade xAPI Companion, and if the LRS is installed on the same database, you can use this button to import all tincan.xml files at once.


Loading the tincan.xml files here means that the translations will be stored in the database, and the reports will show the human readable text instead of ID's





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    If I have had people already go through the course and then I upload the tincan.xml file, will it retroactively change the data for those who have already taken the course?

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