What is a statement? How many will I use?

What is a statement? 

A statement is a unit of information sent by your content or LMS to the LRS.

Joe attempted Maths 101
Harry answered How many states are there in USA?


How many statements will I use? 

It generally depends on the content how many is sent. Generally a content sends at least one statement for each question answered. And one statement each for the start of the lesson and completion of a lesson. It might also send a statement for each slide viewed. A lot depends on your content and authoring tool. 

Example Calculation: 
If your content has 10 slides and 5 of them have questions. One full attempt by one user will generate these statements: 

1 statement for starting (verb = attempted)
5 statements for slides without questions (verb = experienced)
5 statements for slides with questions (verb = experienced) - some authoring tools will not send this. 
5 statements for questions answered (verb = answered) 
1 statement for passing, failing or completing the content. 

Total: 12 to 17 statements per full attempt per content. 

GrassBlade LRS doesn't have limits on number of statements so you can store as many attempts as your server can handle. 

GrassBlade Cloud LRS comes with monthly limits on number of statements. So, 5000 statements per month plan should be able to support approximately 250 to 400 full attempts of content of above size.  


This is just an approximate calculation assuming the behaviour observed from different authoring tools. The numbers can be completely different depending on your authoring tool and LMS. Additional activity on your LMS may generate additional statements. 

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